Microsoft Excel: 100+ Shortcut Keys That Every Windows User Should Know

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Microsoft Excel: 100+ Shortcut Keys: It’s a fact that shortcuts help us make our lives more efficient. If you’re a Microsoft Excel user, you could refer to this article to discover some of the most popular shortcuts. You may be amazed to discover the myriad of Excel shortcuts available as well, and although we don’t expect you to memorize every single one, however, it’s always beneficial to keep a list of them that is only a few clicks away. Check out the following article, as we present a list of the most essential Microsoft Excel shortcuts for Windows to help you work more efficiently.

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys
Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys

Ms Excel Shortcut Keys

Before you begin, be aware this list of shortcuts is lengthy, but it’s not a complete list of all Excel shortcuts. We have chosen a few of the most effective shortcuts and we hope that this will be worthwhile to you.

Ctrl+ Shortcut Keys Of Ms Excel

Ms Excel Shortcut keysAction
Ctrl+ASelect All
Ctrl+DFill Down
Ctrl+KInsert Hyperlink
Ctrl+NNew Workbook (create a new workbook.)
Ctrl+OOpen (open a saved workbook.)
Ctrl+RFill Right
Ctrl+Uunderline highlighted cells
Ctrl+VPaste (paste anything that was copied)
Ctrl+YRedo/ Repeat
Ctrl+:Insert Current Time
Ctrl+;Insert Current Date
Ctrl+”Copy Value from Cell Above
Ctrl+’Copy Fromula from Cell Above
TabNext tool
EnterDo the command

Ms Excel Function Shortcut Keys

Ms Excel Shortcut keysAction
F1Help (open Microsoft Excel help)
F3Paste Name
F4While typing formulas OR witch between absolute/relative refs
F4Repeat last action (Works while not in Edit mode)
F6Next Pane
F7Spell check
F8Extend mode
F9Recalculate all workbooks
F10Activate Menubar
F11New Chart
F12Save As

Shift+ Function Shortcut Keys

Shift+ Function KeyAction
Shift+F1What’s This?   (Help)
Shift+F2Edit cell comment
Shift+F3Paste function into formula / open the Insert function dialog box
Shift+F4Find Next
Shift+F6Previous Pane
Shift+F8Add to selection
Shift+F9Calculate active worksheet
Shift+F10Display shortcut menu
Shift+F11New worksheet
Shift+Ctrl+F6Previous workbook window
Shift+Ctrl+TabIn toolbar: previous toolbar
Shift+Ctrl+TabIn a workbook: activate the previous workbook
Shift+TabPrevious tool
Shift+Ctrl+FFont Drop Down List
Shift+Ctrl+F+FFont tab of Format Cell Dialog box
Shift+Ctrl+PPoint size Drop Down List

Ctrl+ Function Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+F3Define name
Ctrl + F1Expand or Collapse the Ribbon.
Ctrl + F2Open the print preview window
Ctrl+F5Restore window size
Ctrl+F6Next workbook window
Ctrl+F7Move window
Ctrl+F8Resize window
Ctrl+F9Minimize workbook
Ctrl+F10Maximize or restore window
Ctrl+F11Inset 4.0 Macro sheet
Ctrl+F12File Open
Ctrl+Shift+F3Create name by using names of row and column labels
Ctrl+Shift+F6Previous Window
Ctrl+1Format cells dialog box
Ctrl+6Show/Hide objects
Ctrl+7Show/Hide Standard toolbar
Ctrl+8Toggle Outline symbols
Ctrl+9Hide rows
Ctrl+0Hide columns
Ctrl+Shift+~General format
Ctrl+Shift+*Select current region
Ctrl+Shift+!Comma format
Ctrl+Shift+@Time format
Ctrl+Shift+#Date format
Ctrl+Shift+$Currency format
Ctrl+Shift+%Percent format
Ctrl+Shift+^Exponential format
Ctrl+Shift+&Place outline border around selected cells
Ctrl+Shift+_Remove outline border
Ctrl+Shift+(Unhide rows
Ctrl+Shift+)Unhide columns
Ctrl+TabIn toolbar: next toolbar
Ctrl+TabIn a workbook: activate next workbook
Ctrl + Alt + F9Force calculates all workbooks
Ctrl + F3Open the name manager
Ctrl + Shift + F3Create names from values in rows and columns.
Ctrl + Shift +enter the current time in a cell
Ctrl + Alt + +zoom in inside a workbook
Ctrl + Alt + F9To force calculate all workbooks

Alt+ Function Shortcut Keys

Alt+F1Insert Chart
Alt+F2Save As
Alt + Y + Wknow what’s new in Microsoft Excel
Alt+F8Macro dialog box
Alt+F11Visual Basic Editor
Alt+Shift+F1New worksheet
Alt+Down arrowDisplay AutoComplete list
Alt+’Format Style dialog box
Alt + F + Cclose and save your workbook.
Alt + F + ZShare your workbook.
Alt + F + EExport your workbook.
Alt + 1Turn on Autosave
Alt + 2Save a workbook
Alt + HGo to the Home tab in Ribbon
Alt + NGo to the Insert tab in Ribbon
Alt + PTo go to the Page Layout tab in Ribbon
Alt + MGo to the Formulas tab in Ribbon
Alt + AGo to the Data tab in Ribbon
Alt + RGo to the Review tab in Ribbon
Alt + WGo to the View tab in Ribbon
Alt + YTo open the Help tab in Ribbon
Alt + QTo quickly jump to search
Alt + H + HSelect a fill color
Alt + H + Badd a border
Alt + Enterstart a new line in a current cell
Alt + F + Topen the options
Alt Activate the menu

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